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Appio allows your business to compete in the rapidly growing
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Core Features

What makes Appio the right fit for your small business?


Allow your customers to view when openings are available in order for them to put in their own appointments. With customized time-slots, avoid double bookings and allow easier access for customers while you can stay focused on working.


Selling your products has never been easier. List all your products in an accessible way, allowing your customers to purchase your products on the go. This feature provides in-store pick ups and door to door delivery.


Engagement is key when learning what your customers like or dislike. Allow users to see what your new products or services are, post updates about the business, and ask for customer feedback!


Compliment the core features with these necessary add ons
to allow for a rich customer experience.


This is the perfect place to talk directly with customers. Allowing your customers to feel relieved knowing they can contact you when necessary while you are able to organize your customers needs more efficiently.


Don’t be that business with another physical loyalty card that the customer loses 5 minutes after they leave. Reward loyal customers with this feature and keep them coming back for more.


Instead of getting lost in your customers’ inboxes, send a message straight to the homescreen of their phone. Keep your customers updated on your latest sales and services you have going on daily.

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It doesn’t matter if you are on the go or in your office - any device can handle your administrative platform.


A fully customized administrative panel is how you will communicate with your customers.


The user end side of things... this is where the magic happens.

Take a look at what could be yours

Custom logo, custom colors, custom app.


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Frequently asked questions

We’ve already got what’s running through your mind answered. But always feel free to reach out to us with any other questions you may have, so we can get your small business onboard today!

Why would I need this?

If you are interested in increasing your customer base, foot traffic and sales, you need APPIO! Today's consumers are all looking to their mobile devices for everything... purchases, info, updates, "what to do and where to go".... APPIO is an amazing marketing tool for your mobile users.

I don't think I'm ready for something like this...

Any business is ready for APPIO... The opportunity to reach your customers in real time at the touch of a button is something that every business owners need! APPIO enables the business owner to truly OWN their clients.

But I have a website

Of course, but APPIO is specifically designed for the mobile experience. Websites require internet and are often times "clumsy" and difficult to navigate from a mobile device simply because they are not meant for Mobile! APPIO is native to the users phone and is a seamless and immediate experience!

Why would someone even download my app?

That's where we assist... We want you to INVITE your clients to join your team! Encourage them to download the app for an immediate 10% discount on their purchase that day OR offer a free coffee/bakery item/cocktail / training session if they download the app! BOOM... Done! Once they have downloaded your app, they are open to engagement at any time! You can simply post a message or promo and they will receive a notification, suddenly realize that you are just down the street or around the corner and STOP IN when they may have walked passed otherwise!

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